Bolt-type Piezo sensor PiezoBolt


Measurement Solution
Detecting Abnormalities and
Predicting Danger in Manufacturing Process

A measurement solution that visualizes the process by quantifying vague know-how in the manufacturing process in response to needs for quality stability and productivity improvement.

Troubles that can be solved by "PiezoBolt"


Productivity Enhancement

Process Visualization

Outsourcing for design to trial

IoT Solution

Monitoring & Reporting System Installation

Facility Situation Prediction

Facility (Especially for Press Die-set) Maintenance

Cost Reduction

Drastic Improvement of Tool Life

Stable Production

Production Development

Improvement of Product Accuracy

Development of New Products having Functions for the Future


Simple Setup

Since it has the same thread dimensions as standard bolts, it can be used in place of general bolts.

High Sensitivity

A sensor unit using a piezo element is embedded on a concentric shaft under the bolt head, and has excellent sensitivity and response characteristics.

Measurement in Both Directions

Detects the tension/compression load and vibration within the axial direction of the mounted part.

Case Study

Facility Maintenance

Optimization of Operating Condition

Optimization of operating condition for press machine

Process Monitoring

Process Status Evaluation

Predictive detection of tool breakage in the machining process

Process Monitoring

Tool Abnormality Detection

Roll forming - Punch breakage detection



Detects the tension/compression load and vibration within the axial direction of the mounted part.


A dedicated measurement system for PiezoBolt with measurement and evaluation software installed. It consists of a notebook PC and measurement equipment.


Delivery Measurement Service

Our engineer will visit the customer and install PiezoBolt to carry out the trial measurement. We will explain how to use the equipment, measure data with customer’s machine, report the results and solutions.

Rental Service

PiezoBolt can be rented. Customer could choose the rental period depending on the needs. Customer supports such as telephone support and visit support are available during rental period.


Q. What is PiezoBolt

A. Bolt-type Piezo sensor developed in Germany.

Q.What can be measured by PiezoBolt?

A. PiezoBolt is a load sensor that measures changes in axial force applied to bolts.
By replacing existing bolts, you can evaluate changes in load conditions at bolt fastening locations.
It has high responsiveness and can handle not only fluctuations in load but also vibration.

Q.How does PiezoBolt work?

A. PiezoBolt has a piezoelectric sensor unit made of piezo elements embedded in the bottom of the bolt neck. After tightening the bolt, measurement is performed using the charge output of the piezoelectric sensor unit according to changes in tension and compression applied to the bottom of the neck.

Q. What size bolts are supported?

A. Compatible with hexagon socket head cap bolts of M6, M8, M10, M12, M16, M20. Please check this link for details.
→ Specification❐ 

Q. What is the minimum bolt size?

A. The smallest size is M6.
The length of the thread can be shortened.
For example, if the thread is shortened to 6mm, the neck length will be about 21mm.

Q. What is the maximum bolt size?

A. The largest size is M20.
Contact usfor more information.

Q. What is the heat resistance temperature of PiezoBolt?

A. 180°C for M12 and below, 70°C for others.


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