Trial Facilities

Prototype Environment for Various Needs

Utilizing multi-axis double-acting presses jointly developed with press machine manufacturers, we support product development with a variety of services.

Troubles that can be solved by "Trial Facilities"


Productivity Enhancement

Outsourcing for design to trial

Shortening of development time

IoT Solution

Facility (Especially for Press Die-set) Maintenance

Production Development

Improvement of Product Accuracy

Development of New Products having Functions for the Future

Press Machines

Press machines owned by Yamanaka Eng

FPS-1200 (1200ton Multi-axis Servo Press)

Contributing improvement of product quality by optimizing motion
Saving energy and resource effectively by using minimum required power with energy regenerating system
Reducing noise and vibration due to without clutch and brake mechanism
Available for difficult forming materials such as high tensile strength steel, titanium, and magnesium alloys


NX-1600 (1600ton Multi-axis Hydraulic Link Press)

Precision position control system(±0.02mm at bottom dead center)
Independent control system



In addition, We have various presses and peripheral equipment such as 1200 ton mechanical press, 400 ton knuckle joint press, various heating devices, etc.
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Possible to Develop at Low Cost and in A Short Period of Time

Since the environment for development has already settled, there is no need for new capital investment, leading to reductions in development costs and production lead-time.
We have various press machines for prototyping forged products without stopping customer's production line.

Enclosed Die Set


Extensive Environment that can Respond Flexibly for Various Test Purpose

Yamanaka Eng could provide various measuring equipment for suporting customers not only on trial production but also analysis and evaluation of pre-made tools that owned by customer.
In addition, with a dedicated building for prototypes and development, YEG have a complete system in place for confidentiality management.

Development Case

Drum Flange (Sheet Forming))

Hollowed Parts (Extrusion)

Pinion Gear (Diffluence/Upsetting)

Speed Gear (Inversely Tapered)

Helical Gear (Extrusion)

Spiral Bevel Gear Set (Extrusion/Upsetting)


Yamanaka Eng is developing various business
Optimize the Production with Total Solution

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