IT System/Software Development

Essential IT Solution for Manufacturing

Specialize in developing systems and software for management of production, inventory, orders and sales to serve manufacturers’ needs.

Troubles that can be solved by "IT System/Software Development"


Productivity Enhancement

Process Visualization

IoT Solution

Monitoring & Reporting System Installation

Facility Situation Prediction

Efficient Production Support System

Facility (Especially for Press Die-set) Maintenance

Cost Reduction

Stable Production

Production Development

Improvement of Product Accuracy

Development of New Products having Functions for the Future

Main System Developed Originally


Production sites are becoming smart factories with the recent development of IoT technology.
   Yamanaka proposes a new production management system and system that integrates production systems with IoT and AI technologies.
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Design Support System (YDAS)

Core System

Drawing Management System

Cost Management System

Production Management System(order/mass production)

PiezoBolt Wireless Monitoring System

See PiezoBolt

Tool Processing System using AI


Yamanaka Eng is developing various business
Optimize the Production with Total Solution

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