Enclosing Die set

Manufacture a wide variety of die sets
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We design and manufacture various types of die sets using spring load and hydraulic power.
The unique spring-loaded closing die set using special springs is suitable for saving energy and space.

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Productivity Enhancement

Outsourcing for design to trial


Spring-loaded Die set

Original closed die set designed and manufactured by Yamanaka Eng. By using the special spring, high-speed closed forging with reduced speed dependency becomes possible.

Adequate for press machine with small shut height because of compact closing die scheme.
Lower speed-dependency, high speed enclosed forging is possible.
Simple structure, easy maintenance
Since the slide and the tool placing area are separated with each other, it is hard to effect to the accuracy.
Starting from light load, and gradually getting stronger while going straight to bottom dead center.

Enclosing Scheme: Spring/Hybrid
Enclosing Ability: 1300kN
Shut Height: Over 550mm
Speed: Following Press
Maintenance: ◎

Hydraulic Enclosed Die set

The hydraulic enclosed die set uses special hydraulic unit features small size, energy-saving and resource-saving

Realizing good dynamic accuracy by applying plate guidepost.
Controlling enclosing load at contact to reduce damage on tool and press.
Running with minimum required energy.
Affording over 20spm forming speed.

Enclosing Scheme: Hydraulic
Enclosing Ability: 2500kN
Shut Height: Over 650
Speed: 20~25spm
Maintenance: △

Simultaneous Adjusting Systm

We owned a particular simultaneous adjusting system that could reduce allowance and stabilize the dimensions accuracy.


Forging Case

Parts Interface Pressure Distribution Material Forging Load Enclosed Load
Inner Race

Major Diameter ø53

SCM420 370[tonf] 40[tonf]

Body ø50 / Axle ø25

SCM420 390[tonf] 90[tonf]
Bevel Gear

Major Diameter ø47.4

SCr420H 360[tonf] 130[tonf]

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