About Company

About Company

Company Name

Yamanaka Eng Co., Ltd.


Founding 1961 February
Establishment 1966 July
Capital 85 million JPY
Director Honorary President            Masao Yamanaka
President        Masahito Yamanaka
Corporate Officer Executive Managing Director  Tadashi Yamamoto
Corporate Officer Managing director   Kanji Ueno
Corporate Officer Managing director  Shinichi Ishii
Corporate Officer      Kengo Shibata
Auditor              Mariko Yamanaka
Number of employees 215(Japan) 300(Group Company Overseas) *As of 2022 Feb.
Correspondent Banks ChibaBank NantoBank Japan Finance Corporation
MizuhoBank SMBC MUFG ResonaBank
Business Areas Vehicle・Bearing・Forging・Copper・Light Electrical Industries
Architure・Press Machine Maker
Products Enclosed Cold Forging Tools、Warm/Hot Forging Tools
Tools for Metal Powder and Composite Molding
Numerical analysis simulation software
(Plastic forming in general, heat treatment, cutting) DEFORM
Die set and press peripherals
Monitoring System、Sensor
Headquater 4-4-24 Kano, Higashi Osaka, Osaka Japan 578-0901
TEL(072)962-0676 FAX(072)960-2545
Group Company


Yamanaka history

1961 February Yamanaka Seisakusho (private enterprise) was founded in 1919 Yoshita, Higashi-osaka City
1966 July Incorporated with the capital of 5 million yen and established Yamanaka Alloy Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
1968 June Increased the capital to 12.5 million
1970 September Established Nagoya Sales Office
1972 November Established Tokyo Sales Office Increased the capital to 30 million
1973 June Established Hiroshima plant in Higashi-hiroshima City (Factory area 5,900㎡, Building area 360㎡)
1976 November Establised Headquarters, office and new plant at 1041 Kano, Higashi-osaka City
(Factory area 3,300㎡、Building area 1,320㎡)
1977 April Increased the capital to 49.5 million
1982 December Increased the capital to 80 million
1984 December Extended Headquarter plant (4 storeies Building area 1,740㎡)
1990 May Established Tokyo plant (10,700㎡)
1990 July Changed company's name to Yamanaka Eng Co., Ltd.
1994 July Established Yamanaka FormTeQ Pte., Ltd. was in Singapore
1997 April Extended Tokyo plant(1,086㎡)
1998 November Established Kanto Sales Office in Tochigi
2000 March Received ISO9001 certification.
2001 May Extended Tokyo plant(3 storeies Building area 2,886㎡)
2002 June Established YEG Tech(Ningbo) Co., Ltd. a manufacturing company for forging parts in China.
2006 July Established Hamamatsu Sales Office
2007 June Increased the capital to 85 million
2011 April Established OEI YAMANAKA Co.,Ltd. a manufacturing company for forging parts in Thailand
2013 June Established YEG Techno Sol Co., Ltd. a distribution company in Thailand
2018 January Established Hiroshima Sales Office in Fukuyama City
2020 July Formulation of the  medium-term management plan, Yamanaka VISION2025
2022 August Establised Osaka Head Office in Osaka
2023 Jan Establised YG Solutions Co.,Ltd in Chiba

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