50 years experience of manufacturing
Fusion of the latest CAE technology

Using the most advanced NC machine, unique manufacturing technique, plus polishing implements developed by ourselves, united with over 50 years experience of manufacturing since 1961. We provide products with high-accuracy and high-performance to our clients.

Troubles that can be solved by "Precision Forging Tools"


Productivity Enhancement

Outsourcing for design to trial

Cost Reduction

Drastic Improvement of Tool Life

Stable Production

Production Development

Improvement of Product Accuracy

Development of New Products having Functions for the Future


Tools Manufactured by Yamanaka Eng

With the strength of precision cold forging dies, we also produce forging tools for warm/hot/cold combined processes, non-ferrous metal forming, flow forming, and other processes using various forming methods.


- High accuracy
- High performance
- High additional value

Warm/Hot/Cold Combined Forging

Near net-shape manufacturing of large forging products with complex geometry.

Non-ferrous Mmetal Forging

A lightweight and energy-saving non-ferrous metal products with complex shape can be produced.


Incremenral forming process based on rotational movement to manufacture the complex sheet metal products.



Production Know-how Accumulated Since Establishment

Whether cutting, grinding, electrical machining, or finishing, we are constantly practicing the accumulation and transmission of know-how to improve the accuracy and service-life of forging tools.
For machining tools and facilities that evolve every day, we always produce new dies by incorporating new technologies and combining them with our unique “manufacturing” skills.


Thorough Quality Control

We own various professinal measuring implements like the CMM(Cordinate Measuring Machine)from Leitz(Germany) which is well-known for its high-accuracy, to inspect if our tools are good to meet or enven higer than customers requirement.


Realization of High-efficiency Production Through 3S Activities

The entire company is working together to promote 3S activities “Sei-ri(organization),Sei-ton(ordering),and Sei-sou(cleaning)”. We work every day to eliminate all losses in work, shorten lead times and improve quality.


Overseas Expansion in Response to Quality

Taking the advantage of quality control and manufacturing technology built in Japan, we are doing local production in China and Thailand. We respond flexibly to customers' overseas production problems and provide products with stable quality.

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