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We can handle all types of metal processing,
including forging, cutting, and heat treatment!

What is DEFORM?

DEFORM is a CAE software that leverages the most advanced numerical computation technology to simulate all kinds of machining phenomena including material flow in metal, tool loading, deformation due to heat treatment and chip prediction during cutting, all with in a computer environment.

  • DEFORMとは

    01Various Analysis Functions

    It is equipped with a variety of functions, ranging from those that allow even CAE software beginners to easily perform analysis to those that help regular CAE software users to improve the sophistication and efficiency of their analysis work.

  • 多彩な解析機能

    02Full Support System

    We can solve your problems related to plasticity as well as the use of the software.
    Our dedicated staff supports customers based on the technology we have cultivated as a forging die manufacturer.

  • サポート体制

    03Extensive Implementation track Record

    Customers in every field from automotive, steel, aerospace, electrical/electronics, and chemical have introduced our products.
    In addition, we have many experience in introducing the system in universities and public institutions.


Free Seminar

Free trial seminar of DEFORM is available for customers who are considering introducing DEFORM
In this seminar, participants will actually experience basic operations, conducting analysis, and displaying results.
We also listen to our customers' questions and requests, and introduce our customers to ways of utilizing DEFORM that suit our customers need.

CAESOFT "DEFORM" is actively used in the following fields and situations.

  • Field

    • Automobile
    • Steel Industry
    • Aerospace
    • Electricity & Electronics
    • Chemistry
    • Railway
    • Construction
    • Heavy Machinery
    • Medical
    • Can Making
    • Currency
    • Precious Metals
  • Processing Process

    • Cold/Warm/Hot Forging
    • Powder Forming
    • Sheet Metal Forming
    • Thick plate Forming
    • Press Forming
    • Extrusion
    • Rolling
    • Joining/Calking
    • Coining
    • Heat Treatment
    • Machining/Cutting
    • Welding
    • Additive Manufacturing
  • Prediction Technology

    • Die life
    • Product Dimensions
    • Microstructures
    • Stress/Strain
    • Cracking
    • Temperature
    • Hardness
    • Optimal Shape


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