山中 雅仁
masahito yamanaka

We Dream Together with Our Customers

We have always been thinking together with our customers to achieve their goals and to overcome the challenges. This approach has become the force behind our history of growth. Our business would not have come this far if we had only relied upon the ideas or inspiration of the moment.

The strength of Yamanaka Eng is in our people, who are constantly taking on new challenges and solving difficult problems with our customers. This distinctive people power generates new technology and services, and it provides tremendous benefits for our customers and our company. It creates a high level of mutual trust and establishes effective new business models.

We are developing new business models in rapid succession, creating new value as a company that can flexibly respond to changing markets in this era of “Globalization” and “Smart Factories.” We are dreaming together with our customers.

President Masahito Yamanaka

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