Development Consulting

Method Development to
Design Manufacturing

We fuse our seasoned knowledge of design technology with advanced CAE application technology to examine and propose a wide range of ideas in a short lead time.
Find out what's happening and what might happen and give the best and ideal shape and process.

Troubles that can be solved by "Development Consulting"


Productivity Enhancement

Decrease trial & error by CAE analysis software

Outsourcing for design to trial

Shortening of development time

IoT Solution

Facility (Especially for Press Die-set) Maintenance

Cost Reduction

Drastic Improvement of Tool Life

Reduction of Process Stages

Stable Production

Production Development

Improvement of Product Accuracy

Development of New Products having Functions for the Future



Design Know-how Accumulated Since Establishment

Whether cutting, grinding, electrical machining, or finishing, we are constantly practicing the accumulation and transmission of know-how to improve the accuracy and service-life of forging tools.
For machining tools and facilities that evolve every day, we always produce new dies by incorporating new technologies and combining them with our unique “manufacturing” skills.


Fusing Advanced CAE Technology

DEFORM System is a FEM-based numerical simulation software capabale of predicting and evaluating various behaviors during the material processing such as material flow in the die cavity or tool stress distribution. Yamanaka Eng is a distributor of plastic processing simulation software “DEFORM” and refines CAE technology every day as a heavy user. Based on the accumulated technology,we could verify the feasibility of parts production and reduce actual trials and errors.



Process Improvement and Cost Reduction

Based on the customer's request, we analyze the benefits and cost required for improvement of the process. We will propose the most effective way to maximize our customer's benefit considering all processes including tools and materials used.

Solution Flow

  • Plan/Initiative

    First of all, we share the technology, products, problem-solving methods, and cost which would be ideal for our customers.

  • Design (Find/Think)

    We clarify emerging issues, or issues that are likely to come up, then find the optimal design and manufacturing process.

    Development Consulting DEFORM Official Site

  • Prototyping (Testing/Challenging)

    Based on the data obtained form simulations, we consult with clients and come to agreement on how to proceed with prototyping as well as confirming cost and delivery dates.

    Trail Facilities

  • Mass Production (Manufacture/Support)

    We support the manufacturing of dies and products, including consultation as to whether it is necessary to manufacture them domestically.

    Precision Forging Tool Overseas Business

  • Improvement (Observe/Examine/Monitor)

    We continuously provide suggestions through quality and process control, to refine and optimize systems.

    Bolt-type Piezo-sensor, PiezoBolt IT System/Software Development


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