Quality Policy

By continuous creativity and improvement,
Be the best partner for customers,
Aim to acquire the best quality of all products and services.

The Best Partner for Customers

The goals of every teams in Yamanaka Eng are aimed at meeting customers’ needs.Even though there are employees in charge of different jobs with our various business like manufacturing tools and process development, they have the same target, which is to provide the best service to our customer.
Our pleasure is to see customer happy and satisfied. As the best partner, we do our best to hear “we want to order again” from client.

Continuous Creating and Improvement

Customers’ needs of tooling is getting delicate as: a) higher precise tooling, b) low price on tooling, c) shorter leading time, and d) more complicated forging development for added value.
To meet those customers’ needs Yamanaka Eng satisfying our customers’ needs.
"Continuous creativity and improvement" is our quality improvement activity to be the best partner.

Acquire the Best Quality of All the Products and Services

Yamanaka Eng has to acquire a reputation for our products and service, as the best tooling maker.
We believe that this is the meaning of our existence, and hope to be the best company by honest business activities with an obsession with a common idea. It keeps helping us to acquire stable quality.
Yamanaka Eng never makes a compromise on quality at all.

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