We totally developed from consideration step to mass production stage.


Our high level experienced engineer will design the best solution by using single tool or integrating the best combination for supporting our customer’s desire.

Design and Analysis

We use our original “know-how” to design the perfect tool production drawing. Also, we use analysis software to achieve the high accurate simulation, so it enhances our forging product’s development effectiveness.



Die Making

Forging Trial

Tool Production

We guarantee that our product is produced by using our company’s based technology which will create the high precision of forging tool. We use high quality of material and high class of measurement equipment. So, it is undoubting that we can ensure our tool’s quality.

Forging Trial

We use exclusive press machines, which are rarely found in this industry, for making a trial of our forging products. So, the customers need not stop the production line to make a trial of our forging product.

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