We, as a pioneer of tool supplier, will develop our original technology for arising high quality of our tools.

Cold Forging

We try our best to supply our customer’s needs including high strength and high precision, mass production, high value-added products. Our company is a pioneer of supplier who introduced cemented carbide for producing a forging tool. This is the reason why our company is a top-class of industry leader who can achieve high accuracy and best quality.

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Mixed Forging

The integration among hot forging, warm forging, and cold forging is much valuable for forging industry. Heating process makes deformation for large size products becomes possible. The using of cold forging induces the merit of high precision and clear surface. The integration brings up the possibility to produce the complex shape and large size of tool. In other word, with our integration of production methods we are able to produce any kinds of forging tool.

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Nonferrous-Metal Forging

Non-ferrous metal forging brings up the possible of complex tool’s shape production, light weight and energy saving for forging process. This is the reason why many of new materials are being developed to replace the steel material. It is assumed that non-ferrous metal forging will be a greater need in the future in various fields.

Flow Forming mold

We use flow forming, sheet metal forming, and hot forging to move the structure of metal, then we can achieve gear shaping.

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