実現象を忠実に再現できるCAE技術 塑性加工を始め熱処理、切削、締結など、あらゆるプロセス設計に高度なCAE技術でお手伝いします。

DEFORM is used for precision cold/warm/hot forging, machining, heat treatment, rolling, mechanical joining and a wide range of other applications in worldwide. DEFORM offers flexible packaging to provide an optimum solution to your modeling requirements. Common system components are utilized throughout. Application-specific GUIs (graphical user interface) simplify data input and postprocessing.

DEFORM is the most powerful process simulation software!

Yamanaka Eng. is using DEFORM system since 1995. Now DEFORM is indispensable to our process design procedure. We are also distributing DEFORM system in Japan. If you are interested in our system, please feel free to contact us. (If your company/university is located in outside of Japan, please contact to SFTC - the developer of DEFORM system, or your local distributor.)

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